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Home of the ORIGINAL Slitter

The Slitter is reliable & robust, perfect for golf course and amenity grassland maintenance. It has a 300mm working depth and comes with two leg options to suit different terrain and soil conditions. It requires a 25-80hp tractor with cat-1 linkage for optimal performance.


The Slitter has been copied by many, but nothing compares to the original!


 Resolving amenity grassland drainage and compaction issues 


300mm max working depth 

Suitable for removing compaction found in amenity grassland

Drainage Leg 
As standard, the 30mm bullet leaves an underground tunnels to aerate and channel water and allow air to the root structure

2 Easily-interchangable working leg options

Suitable for Golf Courses right through to Horse Paddocks
25-80hp Requirement
Winged Sub-Soil Leg
Lifts and breaks compaction pans within the soil structure
Contact our dealer today to find out more about what the Slitter can do for you, or to arrange a Demo
Breaking compaction pans in  horse paddocks using the 80mm winged sub-soil leg
Pallet delivery available
Soil lift generated by the 80mm winged sub-soil leg
Suitable for a range of tractors and situations
Golf Course

Where to buy?

Cherrys Country Hardware supply the Clever Pasture Slitter within their amenity machinery brands. Their expert team of sales professionals provide the highest level of service and expertise to supply and set up the Slitter to match your requirements. 

Contact Cherrys today on 01262 488275 for current pricing!

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