Complete Paddock and Pasture maintenance services 

Whether you have half an acre or 25, our lightweight, compact machinery is perfect for keeping your paddocks in top condition. But remember, there is no "quick fix..." everything should be considered within your management programme. 
Field Spraying

Using our 6m mounted sprayer, we can carry out weed control no matter what the area.

Soil Sampling

Do you know what is under your grass? Or what nutrients it requires? We can test your soil and provide a full report on soil type, structure, pH and nutritional analysis to ensure the correct fertiliser blend can be applied.

Fertiliser Spreading

We keep a large range of fertiliser blends in stock to match your grazing requirements, applied with our 6-12m spreader.


Too much grass can be as much of a problem as too little grass - and we can help keep it under control. Our flail mower cuts and mulches the grass, allowing it to quickly rot away. We can also use our Rotary mower for shorter grass, and can offer cutting & collecting services. 


Aerating your grass will allow direct access for air and nutrients into the root structure, promoting better growth. It will also assist with removing surface compaction and capping, which can lead to poor drainage. 


Harrowing has many advantages. It is well known as the best method of removing thatch (dead grass) and levelling mole hills, but it can also assist with helping the soil breathe by lifting vegetation allowing better air movement within the sward. It can also reduce disease risks, by exposing bacteria and fungi to sunlight. 


Rolling levels out any lifted damage caused through poaching, to re-cover any bare ground which would otherwise allow weeds do develop in. Our 6 foot wide roll packs sufficient weight to carry out this levelling but without compacting. 


Is your pasture beginning to look a bit thin? Bare ground will allow broadleaf weeds to develop and take over. Using our 6 foot wide harrow, seeder and roll combination unit we can over-seed your field to redevelop a nice thick sward. We keep a range of seed mixes in stock, so we can match your grazing requirements.


Has an area of your field become poached beyond repair? Or are you looking to establish a new field from scratch? We have the equipment to re-seed areas of all sizes. 


Horses and Livestock can cause surface compaction whilst grazing, which can lead to drainage issues. Using our own Clever Pasture Slitter which works down to 300mm, we can eliminate compaction and drainage issues in your paddock whilst causing minimal surface damage. Get your field back from lake to grass!

Hedge Cutting

Overgrown hedges can cause you to lose valuable grazing area - and look untidy at the same time. Our compact tractor mounted flail hedge cutter has an impressive 3.8m reach, but can access fields through a 5 foot wide gateway. Being compact, it is also lightweight meaning minimal damage will be caused to the grass below.

We are always adding to our list of paddock services, keep up to date with our social media to find out the latest news!